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Friday, December 17, 2021

Lamp of Love & Joy Square

 Lamp of Love & Joy Square

Jayalakshmi Ravichandran:



 Hi, I started into hand crafts at the age of 6  ½ . My grandmother  led me to embroidery and my mother taught me . My very first hand work was a floral embroidery on my blouse.
There after there was no stopping. All arts and crafts became my favorites. So much so that my classroom transactions had art components to enable learning.
My very first crochet work was with finger crochet technique.  Made door mats with jute ropes. It was completely finger crochet. Then started with tkt 10, tkt 20 yarns. It was just a hobby  crocheting for self and gifting all through my teaching career. Now taken up crocheting, knitting in full swing with designing.
I design Tunisian patterns, wearables, mosaic etc..
For this tutorial I created a mosaic pattern titled ‘Lantern of Love & Joy’ in mosaic. Idea was to lighten up the world with Love & Joy which engulfs Peace.
Used about  60 – 80 mts of  4 weight yarn

Color A and Color B worked on alternate rows

Pattern Notes:

This is worked in Mosaic Intarsia.

Rows are worked from right to Left alternating colors

Stitches used are

Ch -Chain

Slst: slip stitch

SC – Single Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

Sc is worked in Back Loop only

DC is worked in Front Loop only


All blanks in the pattern indicate SCs

All  ‘x’ indicate DCs

DCs are worked in Front loop of the stitch one row below

White spaces indicate Color A

Green indicates Color B

 For the Sample I have used gold and Dark green   - 4ply cotton

Yarn suggested in India: Ganga Oliva  (equivalent to Worsted wt #4)

Hook: 2.5mm


This is part of Love and Joy Blanket Mystery CAL
Link to Free Pattern is on Ravelry (for free this Day)

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Link to blog:   Jrcrochet

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 Friends, this is my first blog hop and I happy to be part of Mystery Love and Joy Blanket

This pattern will be free for today only on my Ravelry

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